Welcome to Inspire Nutritions. Food is an integral part of our life, be it our daily meals, celebrations or any event. If you want to know how food can nourish your health and well being, fill you with a sense of wonderment and happiness, then you have come to right place! Today's busy times makes you reach for processed and fast foods, little realizing the damaging effects on your body. The proof is lifestyle related disorders such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases only rising at an alarming rate inspite of greater medical advances.

Let me help you find your path towards building a beautiful relationship with nourishing food, finding joy in choosing and preparing the right foods for yourself, strengthening your body for any exercise or marathon and teaching communities to make nourishing food for a healthier generation.



A Doctor can cure a Disease, A Nutritionist can help prevent the Disease!

I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle can prevent many of the modern metabolic diseases that plague us. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are the root causes of most diseases as varied as heart disease, depression, diabetes and even certain cancers. Every individual certainly wants the best for himself and their family and it is this goodness that I as a Nutritionist want to help you find within yourself.

I believe in guiding an individual to slowly but surely change their habits for the better. Inspiration comes from many sources, and if you find it within yourself it ensures that light burns bright, illuminating not only yourself but all those around you!



Founder Nutritionist

I was always extremely passionate about choosing a career where I would be involved in making a positive change in people's life. With Nutrition I had found my calling. I would be involved in the most important aspect of people'e life: their diet!

I completed my Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and worked as a Endocrine Nutritionist in Mallya Hospital as well as a Dietitian in Fortis Hospital. I attended a lot of conferences, took many certificate courses and also did a short stint as an assistant lecturer in Nutrition. The more I interacted with patients the more I realized how much of an effect diet and exercise had on people's health and how you could change the course of the disease with your determination.

I later moved to Seattle, USA where for the first year I was a homemaker and thoroughly enjoyed cooking for my new husband, myself and my friends. My most treasured possession was my traditional recipe book passed on to me from my mother which was in our family from generations! Being new to the country surrounded by the glitzy restaurants, packaged foods and processed desserts might be tempting but preparing and eating dishes at home what your mother and grand mother taught you fills you with an innate sense of peace and well-being. This reinforced in me the value of healthy nutritious meals and I was and loving how healthy and alive we felt.

I also love exploring the outdoors and I'm an avid hiker and find immense peace in nature. There is nothing more wonderful than to pack a picnic and watch the sunset on top of a mountain with your loved ones around you!

I completed my Certified Health and Wellness Coach and worked as a Health Coach in Healthways, Bellevue. I was also trained to help people quit smoking as well as deal with a stressful lifestyle and thus expanded more on my skills as a counselor coaching people in all aspects of their life apart from Nutrition.

When I moved to California I felt ready to start my own holistic Nutrition Counseling services. I have more than 4 years experience with a well rounded approach in Nutrition and Health Coaching. I am very client centric and always aspire to provide personalized nutrition services. I am confident  you too can find the strength within yourself and enjoy the radiating and positive effects of Healthy lifestyle coupled with Balanced meals.

Ilham means Divine Inspiration. I have found the Inspiration within me, let me help you in finding yours!


  • Gold Medal in MS for securing the highest marks in MS DFSM (2009)
  • Certificate in recognition of leadership qualities from Mount Carmel College (2005)
  • SRN Murthy Trophy for the Best Performance in English in 12th grade (2003)
  • The Shyamala Bhadran Cup for securing Grade A in Biology in 10th grade (2001)
  • Highest Marks in Home Science in 10th grade (2000)


  • Health and Wellness Coach Certification Program from Wellcoaches School of Learning.(2016)
  • Currently Pursuing Certified Nutritional Consultant (C.N.C.) from A.A.N.C
  • Lifetime Member of IDA (Indian Dietetic Association)
  • Certification as Tobacco Cessation Specialist in Healthways, Bellevue (2014)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education, Project Hope, Bangalore, India (2010).
  • Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitator Trainer for Diabetes Self-Management Education, Bangalore, India (2009).
  • Certificate of Attendance in Real-Time CGM and Insulin Pump Therapy Workshop, Bangalore, India (2009).
  • Certification of Participation in the 3rd Diabetes India International Conference, Bangalore, India (2008).
  • Certificate from Ministry of Human Resource Development (Food and Nutrition Board) in the “Packed lunch for an Adolescent Girl” competition, Bangalore, India (2004)