Ayesha Azeez, Fremont, CA

I am so grateful to Ilham for helping me get control of my health again. The best part is I now have learnt how to eat healthy,cook balanced meals for my entire family and follow it for the rest of my life rather than just aiming for weight loss and following some fad diets.

My story was the story of most women. I was always a slim girl and never had to worry about my weight in my teens and 20s. In my first pregnancy I gained 37 pounds of which I never lost 18 pounds but everyone around me said that's normal hence I too got complacent. In my second pregnancy I again gained 35 pounds. However I also developed Gestetational Diabetes and that's when I got a wake up call. Dealing with diabetes and checking sugar levels for those two months was so stressful I did not want to deal with it ever again.

That is when I decided to come to Ilham. She was very patient with me and took a detailed diet recall and explained how some aspects of my diet were making me gain weight and how to change them. She gave me a detailed diet plan to follow along with exercise recommendations. In the 6 months I was with her I lost a total of 24 pounds and I feel fantastic, have regained my self confidence back and just feel so good about what I'm eating and feeding my family. Ilham has been an immense source of support in my journey and explained each doubt I had with patience and gave my detailed informative answers. I would highly recommend Ilham to everyone, and I am confident she will change the lifestyles of many others like me.

Jessica Thorpe, San Mateo,CA

I had been going through cycles of weight loss and weight gain from past 7 years due to the stress of my rocky married life and ensuing divorce. I knew how to eat right and exercise but I just felt lost when I would would hit a rough patch and would stress eat and not knew any other way of dealing with it.

I found Ilham through Healthprofs and decided to give her a try. She has amazing counseling skills and helped me deal with managing stress levels along with being an accountability partner for my healthy eating habits. That is exactly what I needed to get to the root of the problem and finding other ways of dealing with stress rather than eating. I am now more at peace with myself, more active and social and use food to nourish my body, not to punish or comfort myself.